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My name is Alex, I'm 19, Australian, I have an identical twin Natasha (Distant-Nymph on DA)
I love cats, japanese culture, pop culture, lierature, swimming, the rolling stones, the mighty boosh, Narutooo....err I'm just naming off random things I like now..I should really think about what to write here before hand.
I have to admit right now I feel pretty out of it, and sort of angry at how some people can be so uncareing in this world! It makes me wonder, maybe I'm the weird one for careing about things like animal life? Because today i found out that alot of people don't really care about if an animal dies or not..
Today for me was pretty traumatic, it started nicely my friend sam coming round to pick me up so we could go shopping but when she got to my place she told me she had accidently run over a lizard further down the road.
Of course we both went to see if it was alright, when we arrived we found the farely large lizard (a blue tongue) at theside of the road still living but bleeding and having thrown-up everywhere, it looked in alot of pain, instantly we both knew we had to bring it to the vet. At this time my neighbour comes driving up the road stops his car and I explain whats happened. His response, "Blue tongue lizards get run over all the time, it'll be fine just put it in the bushes" I completely freeze up because I can't beleive what he is saying to me, my response, "It's bleeding and its thrown up all its guts, it can't move." again he tells me to just 'put it in the bushes' I have an extremely hard time holding my temper, just nodding and letting him drive off before turning to Sam, "We're bringing him to the vets, theres no way he has even a chance of living if we leave him here."
We find a plastic bag to pick him up with (he was bleeding so we needed something) and because Sam was too scared to touch the lizard I end up picking it up and placing it on my lap in the car, the poor little guy trying to move around and making these weird little noises. Half way to the vet the lizard relieves its bladder and bowls (thankgod the plastic bag was there) and I knew by this point he had no chance of living. Yet he kept moving about, his head out of the bag bleeding and inside the bag its full of blood and the animals own waste.
Time felt like forever until we reached the vet, I couldnt stop shaking and feeling sick, but we got the lizard there, it was still alive infact lizards are pretty hardy so it would have been dying for hours if we hadn't got it. The vet looked at him straight away and instantly said he'd have to put the lizard down. Its head had been too badly hit and the jaw was shattered. Sam and I go silent, and of course sam is feeling horrible because she was the one who ran it over.
The vet tells us we did the right thing in bringing him in, and that atleast now he can put it down in the most painless way, that blue tongue lizards like to sunbake on roads and that most people wouldnt have bothered bringing one in. We leave and...god...I just couldnt shake the feeling. I've never held something in my hands before that was dying. A little life, so in pain and on the verge of life and death.
I felt so sick and sad, even as we shopped I just felt like I was completely disjointed from reality, seeing death before my really scared me.

I go to work at night and I'm feeling depressed about it, my co-workers ask me whats wrong and I explain what happened most are pretty understanding and then this one kitchen hand (an older woman) tells me 'its just a lizard, who cares' I feel this rush of rage, and it reminds me of my stupid neighbour who just wanted me to move it into the bushes so it could lie there dying or be pecked at by the birds. I leave it, because there really is no point into getting into an argument with someone I work with but....I just dont know why some people are SO uncareing?
Sure a lizard may not have the intelligence of a human or the same emotional understandings, BUT it still feels pain! Should not every living being be put out of misery if its able to be? Is a human more important then a lizard because they can verbally word their pain? What about people who become brain-dead, arent they technically not worth careing about if we put them on the same basis of 'they can't verbally tell you they're in pain' 'they dont show emotions' or 'they can't communicate with us'. If you start saying shit like 'its just a lizard' then that just shows you have no bare bloody human compassion. I dont care if its a lizard, a bird, a dog, cat, zebra, tiger or human, every being deserves compassion.
I think the most powerful emotion human beings have is compassion, its what makes us at the top of the animal kingdom because we are able to show compassion.

Arghhh I rant matter if a life is big or small, I think they are all important.

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Wilithin Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
No problem!!!! Really love your gallery <3
thank you for the watch :iconblushplz:
No problem! I really hope to see more from you!
Haha I came across the tea essence OC's randomly and...wah so many people did such awesome characters! I faved my favorites and then added the people with gallery's I liked to my watch XD
You were one of them! Really do love your art <3
industrialwhimsy Nov 23, 2011  Student General Artist
Love your Journal by the way. Your right every living being should have the same respect that we humans give ourselves.
Thank you for saying that, I agree. If human's have the ability to respect, they should pay that to everything. I just felt so enraged and sad that some people can be so self-centered!
Thanks again <3
industrialwhimsy Nov 30, 2011  Student General Artist
Your welcome.
industrialwhimsy Nov 23, 2011  Student General Artist
Thankyou for the fav!
No problem! I'm sorry I didnt comment, at the time I had my niece hovering around so I didnt bother commenting on anything.
But gorgeous cat! She/he looks so soft! <33
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